The Whole Art Of Setter Training

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    Even our new climber friends were able to climb the easier lines at the lowest angles, and pull moves on steeper angles because there were were holds they could use. The adjustable frame board even works for kids and groups - just make it vertical or low angle and have the new and young climbers follow the lights! Everyone is asking me how I've been training. Other layouts: we have been and are continuing to test holds for a "Hard" layout. We focused on finishing and releasing Medium first as it is best for the widest range of abilities.

    The Whole Art of Setter Training

    We are also working on an "easy" layout which will be geared towards gyms where people may use it in their tennis shoes i. We recommend making the angle adjustable, which you can do yourself if you know what you're doing, and we can provide drilling specs for any wall builder so they can include the board in their plans. Please seek professional help to make sure whatever you do is structurally sound.

    We are focusing on two sizes of Kilter Boards. The recommended footprint varies depending on if you have an adjustable angle or fixed angle board. The footprints below include space for the entire frame including the kickboard and the ideal amount of padding to reduce edge danger.

    That said, you do not need 4' between the edge of the wall and a side wall. If you have limited space you can get away with close to flush, but we recommend at least 1' if possible, and of course up to 4' on each side is also fine. We definitely recommend 4'on each side for a freestanding board in the middle of a weight area.

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    For the "out" dimension, that is from the back of the wall to the far edge of the padding. It can vary for fixed-angle boards based on how steep the board is. You can gain some space if you build a 1' kickboard instead of a 2' kickboard. Basically, if you have space limitations we're happy to help you figure out what size and angle board you can fit. Just email us! If you have a side wall or other climbing wall next to this you don't need 4' on each side of the board. This product is still in the works but basically on hold for the time being.

    Due to circumstances beyond our control we weren't able to test this layout properly and we don't want to release it until we are sure we're happy with how it works. We have a new plan to create a test space for it and as soon as that's done we'll release it as soon as we can. Choose any or all of these services. You may need to have staff on hand to help the tech with install.

    Pad Install - Mats can be installed by the mat company, by your wall company, by you, or by us. US and Canada. Includes frame, boards, mat, holds, lights, and techs to come install everything. All you have to do is clear the space, have a regular power source for us to use and hook the wall to, and assure us there are no wires or pipes running under the slab where we are attaching the frame and mats.

    Email for pricing. Kilter Board Set-up Information. First Name. Last Name. Connect Join our Mailing List.

    The Whole Art Of Setter Training The Whole Art Of Setter Training
    The Whole Art Of Setter Training The Whole Art Of Setter Training
    The Whole Art Of Setter Training The Whole Art Of Setter Training
    The Whole Art Of Setter Training The Whole Art Of Setter Training
    The Whole Art Of Setter Training The Whole Art Of Setter Training
    The Whole Art Of Setter Training The Whole Art Of Setter Training
    The Whole Art Of Setter Training The Whole Art Of Setter Training
    The Whole Art Of Setter Training The Whole Art Of Setter Training

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