The Secret of the Cellar

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Also by Michael D. This time, the four friends from St. The adventure begins when the central character, Sophie St. Pierre, is shopping for a Christmas gift for her father. Just for laughs, Sophie has her fortune told.

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It is uncanny how the fortune teller knows about her past; could she also be predicting her future? Later, Sophie finds a beautiful old fountain pen in an antique store but must wait until the auction to buy it. As she polishes up the pen at home, she finds a cryptic note rolled up inside. This clue leads the girls into an intriguing mystery about the Nine Worthy Men. Michael J.

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The Secret of the Cellar The Secret of the Cellar
The Secret of the Cellar The Secret of the Cellar
The Secret of the Cellar The Secret of the Cellar
The Secret of the Cellar The Secret of the Cellar
The Secret of the Cellar The Secret of the Cellar
The Secret of the Cellar The Secret of the Cellar

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