The Intern Advantage

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These are skills that are key for success at a job and college and are highly sought after by companies. Many employers complain that there are few candidates with excellent soft skills. At an internship, a student can learn what the roles and responsibilities of a particular career are from people working in the field.

What sort of projects do they work on?

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  8. What skills and knowledge do they need to perform this job? Where did they get their education? An internship can be a real confidence builder for a student.

    The Internship Advantage - Pui Li Ho

    Having successfully completed an internship makes a job candidate more attractive to employers. Many companies prefer to hire students who have completed internship programs.

    Benefits of Internships | Internship Office

    This is because many interns have better work habits, possess excellent soft skills, and have higher technical and industry skills since they have received formal job training and professional guidance. An internship can help a student start to build a professional network that can be a resource for the student.

    A network can help a student make well-informed decisions about their career and connect them with other professionals or opportunities that will help a student achieve success in a field. The Works In Progress internship provided the opportunity to learn about the business of t-shirt printing with emphasis on design and production. Completing an internship also makes a student a more attractive candidate for colleges and scholarships.

    Demonstrating commitment and follow through demonstrates a high level of maturity, responsibility, and willingness to do what it takes to be successful.

    An internship can help a student decide if a particular career is a good match for their personality, lifestyle, passions and goals. This way a student can avoid spending time and money on training for a career that does not really suit their abilities or needs.

    1) You can make industry contacts

    By successfully completing an internship, a student can obtain a positive recommendation that can be used for future employers, college admission and scholarship applications. Unpaid internships are common, but there are plenty of paid internships, too. Whether or not you will get a wage depends on your industry and role. For instance, editorial interns are rarely paid, while engineering students almost always are. If you can afford it, an unpaid internship can still be an extremely beneficial experience. You can get serious work experience, build a portfolio, and establish a network of professional contacts which can help you after you graduate.

    Some companies do extend full-time job offers to exceptional interns, though this is the exception rather than the norm. To better your chances of this, be proactive in your work, pay attention to detail, listen and take criticism, and volunteer for special projects.

    Meet as many people as you can and collect all their business cards. Positioning yourself as a hardworking, reliable worker puts you in good standing for consideration.


    The Intern Advantage

    If the company is not hiring at the time your internship ends, do not be disappointed or think it's a reflection of your work. It's often simply a budgeting issue. You can still ask the company for a reference, which you can leverage when applying for jobs later. And equally important, you've met the first people in your professional network.

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    The Intern Advantage The Intern Advantage
    The Intern Advantage The Intern Advantage
    The Intern Advantage The Intern Advantage
    The Intern Advantage The Intern Advantage
    The Intern Advantage The Intern Advantage
    The Intern Advantage The Intern Advantage
    The Intern Advantage The Intern Advantage
    The Intern Advantage The Intern Advantage
    The Intern Advantage

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