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With consistency and patience, you may find that it won't take long for your bird to catch on. All birds are individuals, and some may catch on quicker than others. Don't get discouraged if your pet's behavior doesn't change overnight. As long as you stay consistent with your training methods, your bird will likely understand you sooner rather than later.

If you notice your bird acting exceptionally well, don't miss the chance to lavish praise on your pet.

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Birds respond much more readily to training techniques that focus on the positive rather than the negative, so don't forget to incorporate lots of fun and praise into your training methods. With a little work, patience, and love , your bird should be acting like an angel in no time. Your effort will be rewarded with a beautiful, intelligent, and well-behaved pet. Who could ask for anything more? Never hit a bird : Birds are extremely fragile creatures and even the slightest force can cause severe injury or death.

Physically abusing a bird can also lead to irreversible psychological problems, and can promote aggression and viciousness.

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Don't hold a grudge : Birds are extremely intelligent, but also very sensitive creatures. When you express displeasure with your bird's behavior, make the lesson short and sweet. Prolonged negative attention can cause undue emotional stress for your pet. Never compromise your bird's health : "Punishing" a bird by withholding food or neglecting cage cleaning is never a fit way to deal with a behavior problem.

Such actions are not only cruel but can cause serious physical and emotional damage to the pet.

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Ignore negative behavior : Simply ignoring the unwanted behavior doesn't reinforce it by giving it any attention so the behavior is less likely to be repeated. I also read voraciously and will share other cool stuff I find related to parrot ownership and training. Disclosure: From time to time, I recommend books or products that I think are great. To support maintenance of this site, I may link to Amazon or other sites that pay me a small commission at no cost to you!

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Spring is hormonal season for parrots. Like this post?

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    The Brat Parrot The Brat Parrot
    The Brat Parrot The Brat Parrot
    The Brat Parrot The Brat Parrot
    The Brat Parrot The Brat Parrot
    The Brat Parrot The Brat Parrot
    The Brat Parrot The Brat Parrot
    The Brat Parrot The Brat Parrot
    The Brat Parrot The Brat Parrot

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