Sergio (Erotic Romance) Book 4 (The DeLuca Brothers)

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Double the pulse-pounding mafia drama They are so dark and predatory, deliciously dirty-talking, and harbor such simmering, bottled up rage you never know what will set them off and unleash the monster within. Salvatore and Dominic are definitely two of her most mesmerizing heroes to date. Omgeee theses men make my princess parts tingle and literally bring me to my knees!

They love and loathe with equal fervor and I was hopelessly addicted to this volatile mafia series which pits brother against brother, father against son, good against evil, darkness against light There is no love lost between Salvatore and Dominic One noble to the core who also harbors shades of dark Over the course of these two books, forbidden passions will ignite, battle lines will be drawn, traitorous desires unleashed, earth-shattering family secrets exposed, and blood WILL BE SHED!

And even though Salvatore and Dominic have a fierce sibling rivalry teeming with jealousy, spite and resentment, when outside forces threaten their family, blood proves to be thicker than water and I pity the poor soul who dares to doublecross them! And through it all these two formidable men will each meet their match with two fiery spitfires--Lucia and Gia--who infiltrate their steely defenses, arouse their fiercest protective instincts, ignite their most PRIMAL desires, and who show them that true love can indeed penetrate the darkness! This Benedetti Brothers series is oh so riveting and a definitive binge read!

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And while I am drawn to all of Ms. Knight's romances, in my opinion this dark mafia romance duet is the diamond standard! Both books are intricately plotted, brilliantly complex, brimming with raw, wrenching emotions, TORRID hot sex, stunningly evocative narrative and oodles of adrenaline-pumping mob drama!

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Both leading up to a soul-shattering climax that's not to be missed!! Nov 16, Siobhan rated it liked it. Although I enjoyed both, I would not label them my favourite reads from the author.

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As always, Natasha Knight sucks you deep into the story and has you powering through to see how everything comes together. The stories are interesting and leave you wanting more, making for perfect quick reads. Overall, enjoyable books from Natasha Knight even though I would not label them favourites. Jan 22, Shelli rated it really liked it. This woman knows how to write dark, bad boys that you fall in love with! I really liked this book, and the struggle between Salvatore and Lucia.

It was a great read, and a fun story to follow. I can't wait to read the next book about his brother! Dominic - I loved Dominic!!

I really enjoyed Salvatore, but his brother took everything up to a darker, more intense level! I love a character that is so dark and broken, yet you can't help but like him, and you know he still has a shot at redemption. That's Dominic! Deliciously dark, intense and forbidding, and she makes you love everything about him!

He and Gia were made for each other, whether they knew it right away or not.

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Once you start this book, you won't be able to put it down till you finish it! Aug 29, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. Jun 26, Claudia Baltazar Arensdorff rated it it was amazing. Got my heart ripped out!!! The Benedetti Trilogy was out of this world amazing!!!! Salvatore had his hands full, once he got Gia. They had so many obstacles to overcome, secrets to learn. At the end everything worked out for the best for the both of them.

Sergio (Erotic Romance) Book 4 (The DeLuca Brothers)

Dominic took his life the way he though he deserved it. Meeting Gia was his salvation and together they fought Sergio and Natalie just stole my heart and ripped it to shreds!!! Their story was so meant to be, and they made the best of it k Got my heart ripped out!!!

Their story was so meant to be, and they made the best of it knowing how long it would last Jan 12, Samantha Rose rated it really liked it. True brothers, no matter what. His kind heart is behind a shield of stone. Jun 01, Ericka HIll rated it it was amazing. I felt like I was inside the workings of a real mafia family. The characters had depth and they were realistic. I will admit that the women Gia and Lucia had begun to irk me because they talked too much and had way too much attitude but it made the story interesting.

If you like anything Mafia and love dark romance, then you will love these two stories. It's definitely worth the read! Jan 16, Alicia Huckleby rated it it was amazing. These Benedetti Brothers!! Oh My Gee!! I'm still fanning my face from the book hangover I was left after finishing with these two boys a few weeks ago! I'm not one to give you a synopsis of the books in my review so I'll just leave you with my own view on this awesome little series!

In book 1, Salvatore is the dark knight emblazoned with the steel of a mafia family facade. But somewhere beneath all that darkness lies a beating heart. A fire that can only be lit with the touch of the right woman. Isabella comes kicking and screaming into his world with the strength and fight of a stallion. She will do what she must, what her father promised, but she can only be tamed by one man.

When the two are thrust together, only the worse could be expected. But so begins a tale of darkness and light, of hard and soft, of ugliness and beauty. By the time I made it to book two, I was hopelessly lost in the crime world of the Benedetti's, and was just itching to get into Dominic's adventure! He comes in another form of Benedetti darkness only his is so much scarier than we could have even imagined! He's a man who has given up on the world and everyone in it. This is a very dangerous thing!

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Those who don't care about anything or anyone, will do anything or anyone!! Gia comes along and forces his puzzle pieces to connect with hers. Two minds with vengeance set upon the same road. Two hearts who have the same end goals. What's that saying? The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

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Sergio (Erotic Romance) Book 4 (The DeLuca Brothers)
Sergio (Erotic Romance) Book 4 (The DeLuca Brothers)
Sergio (Erotic Romance) Book 4 (The DeLuca Brothers)
Sergio (Erotic Romance) Book 4 (The DeLuca Brothers)
Sergio (Erotic Romance) Book 4 (The DeLuca Brothers)
Sergio (Erotic Romance) Book 4 (The DeLuca Brothers)
Sergio (Erotic Romance) Book 4 (The DeLuca Brothers)
Sergio (Erotic Romance) Book 4 (The DeLuca Brothers)

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