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Contrary to centuries of popular belief, bacteria are essential to our health.

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Our microbial partners are gatekeepers of the outside world. They digest our food, regulate inflammation, and synthesize key vitamins, metabolites, and neurotransmitters —in exchange for just a portion of our daily calories and a warm place to live.

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They teach us that more than ever, we must consider all of us—not just our human part. We are the nurture to our nature.

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Our Daily Synbiotic was developed for systemic benefits beyond digestive health—the first in a pipeline of scientifically-validated, next-generation products. Female Daily Synbiotic.

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Quick-Growing Microgreens. We keep our germination rates high by storing our seeds in a temperature-controlled environment and testing each lot every 5 months. Our Quality Assurance team releases only the seed that meets our strict requirements. We've got the best selection for your fall and winter slots. High-performing, packed with flavor, and simply gorgeous.

The Roots - The Seed (2.0) ft. Cody ChesnuTT

Comes into its own, come the coldest months of the year. Sow in fall to put a sweet spot in your winter harvest. Our mission is to educate and nurture children and their families through education and community development programs. Our vision is to create a self-sustaining model for education and community development that can be utilized in African communities. We move beyond the traditional aid model, shifting from mere relief efforts, to providing students, families, and communities with the resources and skills they need to support themselves and find local solutions to fight poverty.

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