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For God and Country

There will be a station for the children and adults to write notes to military members. The cards will be sent to several Legionnaires from Post who currently are deployed overseas. Members of the Entertainment Committee of Post have been in contact with the Easter Bunny and they report that he is very much looking forward to visiting with our local children. He will arrive at Post at approximately PM just before the start of the first Easter Egg hunt.

Orthodox Easter 2020

The egg hunts will be split into three groups consisting of children ages 0 to 3, followed by those ages 4 to 7 and lastly, ages 8 and up. Because of the attitude of Muslims, today China was compelled to isolate the thousands of Muslim children from their parents fearing for the spread of radicalism which will be bar to development.

Similarly China had arrested lakhs of Muslims and shaved all their beards. These are news. You should have known that there are countries such as Singapore, Switzerland, Canada and many more countries which have acted in compliance with the UN for HR and proved to be peaceful countries. Sri Lanka Buddhists may shout through provocation, but will not resort to killing of others of any faiths as a real Buddhist.

People are demanding the Arizona governor remove his religious Easter Facebook post. It's still up.

Even Somarama Thero said that he did shoot S. Bandaranayake as a Buddhist at the final hour of his death. It is still a mystery as to who shot S. Need wars, need to manufacture weapons and sell weapons. You muslims provide all those opportunities. I think both Maithripala sirisena and Ranil tried to bring Remote Sensing equipment from some Unnamed, registered only as a date company.

They wanted to buy ships also from different countries.

The American Legion Laurel Post 60

I always wonder why Sinhala Catholics died and that is not discussed. BBS did not blow up in side churches. But, they are the focal point of every discussion. I know both Ven. Virathu and Ven. My strong guess, the western Hyperstate is stuck with this Theravada buddhism , even after over 70 years of rearranging ,they can not take control of either Myanmar Myanmar at least closer to China or Sri lanka.

Bhikkus are spoiling the soup. Imran Khan knows they are innocent people but they are being used as the middle man to do everything. Even Modi with Pulawama attack had a nice escape. Anyway, you muslims are hypocrites and you people are really stuck. Why Iran is not helping you and why Saudi Arabia is not helping you. I heard both Zaharan and Abdul Zukir? Zaharan was forced to blow up. Abdul understands that he did something wrong. He even smilingly acknowledged that his prophet had eleven Wives. The last time, muslims bashed BBs, aluthgama violence, digana violence, Islamophobia, anti-muslim begotry and got a bunch of Wahhabis — A heavily bearded men carrying have backpacks full of explosives, blow up some churches and bankrupted the Tourist industry and the whole country.

Now, muslims are carrying the Same propaganda and the next time, I am pretty sure, it will be Abahaya, Niquab, birka wearing muslims women will blow up. Muslims say they are saints. But I am sorry it was under the religion that people died. U never talk about that!

We Christians have been patient so far thats because we never try to act like victims!! Pl soul search urselves and learn to blend in without trying to make statements about urselves all the time. If u cant blend then pl go to countries where life is conducive f urselves! Can u imagine if Muslims died? Agree this is taken to a new level by the hate speech etc…but if those terrorits f a minute thought what they were doing to ruin ur community and religion then I have a right to talk on behalf of innocent People!!!

Pl get that! And not make urselves victims!

Nick & Cheyenne Rumba - Post Easter Social 2016

But I am sorry but it was under the religion that people died. Well said Sandra but please stop planting churches in every Hindu and Buddhist village to convert the country to Christianity. The Christian are doing with rice and school books what the LTTE and the mad mullahs did with violence. So giving food and education bad thing. Ah right keep them uneducated and hungry so they will be Hangry. Oh yea then they will get Hangry so much easy to manipulate it make sense. France has shut down 20 mosques and prayer halls for preaching radical ideology since After Paris bombs pigs head were thrown at mosques.

Belgium is the 2nd country after France to ban burka in public in Chancellor Merkel declared in that face veils should be prohibited.

After the Manchester attack a mosque was torched in Oldham. Party for Freedom declares to ban all mosques in Netherlands.

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People can keep writing highlighting the injustices and oppression committed against the minorities repeatedly, but it falls on deaf ears. So now you have to change the trajectory if you want to get some results, as by now you would have realised that these people are very cunning, they will lie and do every evil act to achieve their objective, the only language they understand is that if their action is going to bring them more harm than good, then they will stop, other than that nothing else will work.

Here is some good read for you, check it out, is lying part of your religion too?

When Is Easter?

In fact, I appeared for a Muslim Minister Ahamed for bribery and eventually won. He is such a broad-minded gentleman. Do not think I am against Muslims. I am only against radicalism. Before Sir Winston Churchill has mentioned about Islam, French philosopher Montessque had already said the best religion in the world was Hinduism prior to the French Revolution. He also mentioned that Hinduism was a harmless religion, but he was critical of Hinduism.

That does not mean Hindu extremists are not spoiling Hinduism. Hinduism is liberal. Perhaps founders of religion are concerned about conversion and that is one of the reasons as to why they conquered some countries in Asia and Africa. Hinduism never believes in conversion. CT, some home truths need to be stated, taking care not to violate your comments policy I am well aware of.

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The attempts to dress up the totally justifiable public reaction to the cruel bastardry, and minor inconveniences arising from vital anti-terrorism investigations as racism. While condemning the growing incidents of Islamophobia in the world the so called moderate Muslims also need to look within and have the courage to equally condemn Islamomania tending to grip the world.

There are many instances of proselytising and conversions, both by overt and covert means, of non-Muslims in mainly Islamic countries. The inability of Muslim immigrants to adapt and attempts to impose their practices in their newly adopted country is another curse. Sri Lanken Muslim ulama have no balls. They Lie what is in the Quran. The Quran is specific about jihad.

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The Ulama deny there is jihad. This has led to Gnasaraya quoting correctly and ulama misleading the muslims. Denying what is in the Quran will lead to becoming a non-beliver. Muslims should state what is their correctly- even if the truth is bitter for the non-belivers.

Post Omerican Easter Post Omerican Easter
Post Omerican Easter Post Omerican Easter
Post Omerican Easter Post Omerican Easter
Post Omerican Easter Post Omerican Easter
Post Omerican Easter Post Omerican Easter
Post Omerican Easter Post Omerican Easter
Post Omerican Easter Post Omerican Easter

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