Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3)

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Now enter The City of Mirrors for the final reckoning. The world we knew is gone. What world will rise in its place? The Twelve have been destroyed and the terrifying hundred-year reign of darkness that descended upon the world has ended. The survivors are stepping outside their walls, determined to build society anew—and daring to dream of a hopeful future.

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But far from them, in a dead metropolis, he waits: Zero. The First. Father of the Twelve. The anguish that shattered his human life haunts him, and the hatred spawned by his transformation burns bright. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: blog tour , books , paranormal , review , tour , ya. Giselle May 22, at AM. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. I do have a goal to become a published author in the future.

Reading is a huge part of my life, and I love being able to share my thoughts with others. Thanks for stopping by! View my complete profile. Search This Blog. Powered by Blogger. Follow by Email. Top Commentators Get this widget. Charlie Garratt is drafting book three in his intriguing historical mystery series, the Inspector James Given Investigations. Thank you to all of the authors who were able to attend, and we hope to see everyone again to celebrate our second anniversary in March! The first two books you have published with us have similar themes of children going missing and families struggling to find them.

What initially drew you to those sorts of stories? I set out to write a compelling story and what is more compelling than the abduction of a child? Those of us who are parents can imagine the horror of a missing child, and I was able to draw on my experience of a time when my own two-year-old daughter went missing from our garden. She was only out of my sight for a few moments and fortunately was found within forty minutes, but the gamut of emotions my husband and I experienced was terrifying.

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The fear, guilt and despair almost crippled us. I was able to project some of these emotions onto the parents in Abduction and Snatched , who had to wait more than an hour to find out what had happened to their missing children. It begins, as the title suggests, with an accident and follows the consequences for those involved. As the story unfolds, jealousy comes into play with a shocking outcome; a life changing injury is faced, and the very best possible outcome is derived from the very worst scenario.

Initially, writing was for me a therapeutic experience, as I kept a journal while recovering from a rather difficult period in my life. The first book I ever wrote was a small self-help book, my only foray into nonfiction so far. Perhaps this is because when I read a book, I find an incomplete ending so frustrating! Where and how do you write? Do you have set hours or do you write when you feel motivated? And do you have a favourite writing spot? I try to write most days but often find my mind most active late at night when all these fictional characters keep me awake with their conversations, and I need to write, or at least make notes.

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As a work in progress develops, the time I spend on it increases as my enthusiasm grows. Do you like to read the same types of books you write?

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Or something completely different? Can you tell us some of your favourite books? I read quite widely, from thrillers to sagas. Also, write what you know, and enjoy the journey.

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I used to walk my rather large pet goat, Hobnob, around the streets on a lead. Can you tell us a little a bit about what first got you interested in writing? I wrote several short stories and then decided to write a historical romance, a genre I had been reading from a child beginning with the novels of Georgette Heyer. That book, though it never saw the light of day, was the turning point. I loved writing it and felt I had at last found my true metier. I try to get it all down without research, leaving notes to myself within the text where I need more data.

The murder or where it happens, I will usually check out before I start, unless I add something new and have to go and find out about it before I can get on. Nothing like making life interesting for yourself! Seeing as you write historical fiction, do you find you have to do a lot of research?

The Inevitable Trilogy Book Series:

These days with many years of historicals of the same period behind me I am so familiar with the time that my research is mostly for specifics. I have many books collected over the years which furnish me with the detail I need. My main focus of research is in the area of the murder and the internet is a mine of information on the subject.

You can find contemporary sources relating to anatomical matters, which means I can be as accurate as possible according to knowledge of the era. However, I do turn to current material for exact descriptions of what happens, for example, when someone is bludgeoned, knifed or otherwise injured. All of which is fascinating to read about. What part of the writing process do you find most difficult? Struggling through against the odds when life intervenes. This happens and you just have to deal with it.

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I wrote a short book in a week once on a holiday. Another time I forced through words a day to get a novel done. Working steadily every day seems to build a book better, but it does mean you are subject to interruptions and getting back into it after a break is the hardest thing of all. Yes, they become totally real, and some characters are completely independent and go off in unexpected directions. The thing is, you invest them with life and then they become real people albeit in a sort of ghost form in your head. They start behaving according to their character and you might have no idea of who they really are until they do this.

Ottilia is a case in point. She was supposed to be a retiring female, letting Francis take the lead. Not a bit of it. She marched into centre stage the minute I set her on the page and stayed there. Experience has taught me to run with it. I have a great belief in the Inner Writer knowing a great deal more than I do about the developing story. It really is like being two people sometimes. Apart from the initial dead body, I hesitate. It transfers to my heroine, who is allowed to have an emotional reaction to such a death.

Do you find it hard to know when to end a story? Usually the story comes to a natural conclusion. I like to keep the denouement fairly short. If you ice the cake too richly, they might be too satisfied to want another slice. So subtle, engaging, insightful and just beautifully written. Or Terry Pratchett with such a discerning eye for the human condition. When I was a teenager, I won two cups for target shooting with a rifle.

The ceremony takes place on 14th September, and you can find out more here. When I was six years old, I saw a TV programme about the Blitz, which as you can imagine was pretty alarming. I wrote a poem about it. I am fascinated with the Victorian era and do a lot of research to try and get the details right. I read contemporary newspapers and journal articles, biographies and medical works. I study maps, census returns, directories, legislation, photographs, and art.

I have about a hundred books just on the history of spiritualism. I work from home and have a room which is my office. When I begin a project, I know where I am starting from and where I will end up, but I have to link the two in a way that makes sense. Every time I pause in order to find that natural link, I have to remind myself that I found it last time. Do you ever feel guilty about killing off characters or do you relish it? Neither, but it is sometimes sad.

I am editing a new volume in the Notable British Trials series about the trial of the Mannings in What is your favourite book?

Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3) Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3)
Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3) Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3)
Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3) Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3)
Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3) Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3)
Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3) Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3)
Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3) Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3)
Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3) Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3)
Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3) Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3)
Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3) Incredible (The Inevitable Trilogy #3)

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