I desideri del principe (Italian Edition)

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Indeed, law no. It is out of this definition that one can thus clearly construe the double meaning of the principle of subsidiarity. It is vertical when it operates in relationship with and among diverse levels of government and horizontal when it becomes a criterion apt to regulate relationships among all social groups in general and among public entities and individuals and private entities more specifically. The principle of horizontal subsidiarity: from legislative decree no. The principle of subsidiarity constitutes the pivotal point around which revolves the entire process of devolution of government functions from the center to the periphery.

In the framework of chapter I of the law no. Thus, it has become, on the one hand, one of the fundamental criteria and principles for the exercise of delegated power on the part of the Government and, on the other hand, one of the fundamental principles according to which county governments have implemented the laws passed by the Parliament. On examining the regional enactment laws of decree no. There are essentially three different models of regional implementation of this legislative decree.

De Filippi, Filippo [WorldCat Identities]

Among these regional laws, the implementation norms of regions like Lombardy and Veneto [11] are the ones that have reduced the presence of public powers in favor of private entities, and, above all, in favor of not-for-profit organizations. The principle of horizontal subsidiarity and its formal recognition in the Italian Constitution. Constitutional law no. This version of article 56 which was the second one proposed granted individuals a particular autonomy and recognized the possibility of their taking on certain initiatives consistent with limitations on public functions.

Nevertheless, it did not grant the private sector a sort of priority in the economy and in the management of public services. This article, which at first seemed destined to be forgotten following the failure of the parliamentary committee, now appears to have been, as far as its essential content is concerned, to have been redrawn under article 2 of law no. Article 2 states clearly that local governments are entitled to exercise their own functions as well as those that have been conferred unto them by the State and the regions, according to the principle of subsidiarity.

Lastly, in , the process of reform was newly initiated with the presentation of a Constitutional Bill by the then Minister for Institutional Affairs Mr. Giuliano Amato.

Heterodox Italian Migrants and Central European Culture 1550-1620

The bill aimed at transforming the Italian form of government into a federal model, to be approved in accordance to the ordinary procedures contemplated in article of the Constitution. Later, since the second vote in each Chamber had not achieved a two-thirds majority in accordance to the sense of article , paragraph 3, of the Constitution, a popular referendum confirmed the law on October 7, Devolution of powers from the central State down to local governments, together with the operating consequences derived from the implementation of the principle of horizontal subsidiarity cannot but open the way for dramatic changes in the manner in which public and social services are to be delivered and managed in the future.

Some of these are already taking place in parts of Italy, and they show that more activities will be carried out by not-for-profit organizations than was true in the past. The future holds the prospect for more fundamental change in the relationship between the State and not-for-profit organizations as time goes on. Special thanks for editing of this article goes to Prof.

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Esperienze a confronto , edited by A. COEN, R. All the abovementioned works draw amply from the analytical historical and philosophical reconstruction provided by C.

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    I desideri del principe (Italian Edition) I desideri del principe (Italian Edition)
    I desideri del principe (Italian Edition) I desideri del principe (Italian Edition)
    I desideri del principe (Italian Edition) I desideri del principe (Italian Edition)
    I desideri del principe (Italian Edition) I desideri del principe (Italian Edition)
    I desideri del principe (Italian Edition) I desideri del principe (Italian Edition)
    I desideri del principe (Italian Edition) I desideri del principe (Italian Edition)

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