Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010

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This catalog shows images from the work in the exhibition as well as several interviews, including Rirkrit Tiravanija. Angela Bulloch's works often deal with systems of rules and viewer interaction. Drawings make up the core of this publication, including Drawing Machines , a series begun in the s, which involve observers in the production process. Featuring new and recent painting, the show marked the first cohesive presentation of the full scope of this significant and profound body of work.

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The catalog presents images of each painting shown in the exhibition and is accompanied with an essay by the curator, Cassandra Coblentz, titled Looking for Edendale, Evanescent Appearances in the Paintings of Kirsten Everberg. IHME is an annual event dedicated to contemporary art. A key element of IHME is the commissioning of a work from an international artist to be carried out in public space. IHME's aim is to enhance the visibility of visual art and to improve the relationship between visual art and the public. This book is a special edition of a digital publication, print run copies.

Laumeier paired the images of Stockholder's assemblies with poems by Mary Jo Bang. This catalogue also includes 18 fold-out color plates of works in the exhibition. This fully illustrated monograph focuses on Parreno's extensive work in film from his emergence as a major artist in the s to the present day, and features essays by Michael Fried, Nicolas Bourriaud and Dorothea von Hantelmann touching on themes including cinema, authenticity and the everyday.

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The book is produced in conjunction with a major exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery 25 November - 13 February presenting a sequence of Parreno's most recent films, including the premiere of InvisibleBoy, Available from Serpentine Gallery. For this book, Charline von Heyl has assembled paintings made on the old and the new continent: in Germany at the beginning of the s and in New York since What happens when colours fall off the next page and a large starkly black and white surface only reveals a perfectly cropped extract?

Suddendly the paintings are stripped to the bones, in uncomfortable close-ups, they unveil their structure. This becomes inevitably graphic but as it is followed through systematically throughout the entire body of work, it creates a syntax which highlights the process without removing the pleasure of the face to face confrontation with the actual painting. White's solo show at The Power Plant, 'Pae White: Material Mutters,' surveys her work from the past five years in a range of media, with a focus on her monumental tapestries.

The exhibition and catalogue feature the new work Sea Beast , which was commissioned by The Power Plant as a part of our Annual Commissioning Program begun in Sea Beast is a large-scale tapestry featuring an image of a found macrame wall hanging, which signals a new visual direction in her work - its source is a three-dimensional scan of a woven form that includes mussel shells, a price tag and tassels. Blown up and transformed, its own weave interpreted within another, the macrame simultaneously escapes and retains the sub-cultural associations that previously defined it. This eighty-page hardcover catalogue is designed by White and Juliette Bellocq who previously collaborated with the artist on her catalogue, Pae White: Lisa Bright and Dark.

The catalogue features an overview of White's exhibition with a specific focus on Sea Beast. Along with high-resolution images of this and past exhibitions, this catalogue includes a visual overview of White's ever-evolving practice, and a cloth cover with a foil treatment that reflects the pattern White produced for her piece, Future Fabric Alongside the unique cover and stunning images is an insightful essay by German professor, art historian, art critic, and curator Oliver Zybok, as well as an incisive and frenetic take on White's tapestries by writer Susan Emerling.

Edition of of which 20 signed and numbered deluxe editions plus 4 artist's proofs, include an original drawing and collage of Jessica Stockholder's "Sex Poem", Rubber up Behind the Eye Balls. ISBN: Taste is an expansive concept that evokes thoughts on decorum, olfactory sensations, flavor and likability. For the cover, Stockholder prints a photomontage in mauve onto the tactile surface of "Skinplast" - a rubbery substance that invites touch.

The armatures that pull Taste together are the alphabet, the inventive repetitive of a cut-out hole, and the attendant artist's word poem, The Perfect Guest.

Beverly Fishman

Taste is built on a pretext of overlapping systems. Poetry, alphabet and word play jockey with the languages of collage, wax crayons, and fluorescent colors. Within the tangle of entry points, there lies a nonchalant precision, the coherence of Stockholder's exacting working process, and a gutsy beauty. His installations often take the form of stages or rooms for sharing meals, cooking, reading or playing music; architecture or structures for living and socialising are a core element in his work.

The Cook Book contains 23 recipes, previously performed in museums and galleries throughout the world.

Io Angeli · Alma Contemporary Art Gallery

All were cooked once more in his Chiang Mai kitchen and documented in the photographs by Antoinette Aurell. In addition, an essay by Thomas Kellein of the Kunsthalle Bielefeld and an extended interview between him and the artist shed additional light on Rirkrit's work. Through this book the reader will understand more of what moves the artist as well as being able to cook such Thai staples from Pad Thai to Flaming Morning Glory, as well as new interpretations of Swedish, German and Spanish classics such as meatballs, Fladlesoup and Paella.

Tribe's rigorously crafted, large-scale projects in film, video and installation form an ongoing investigation into memory, subjectivity, and doubt. Each of the new works which make up Dead Star Light takes shape using different technology - 16mm film, reel-to-reel audio and video - and each considers its material form from a structural standpoint. The works build on one another, and a number of common themes emerge flight, alienation, erasure which gain resonance when the projects are taken together as a whole.

Between Science and Magic beautifully weaves together Diana Thater's new film work, the evolution of the classic illusion to "pull a rabbit out of a hat" and cinematic history from George Melies to Hollis Frampton. Thater and Holmes' expansive conversation on the elusion of making art, cinema and magic creates a rich understanding of the artists practice.

Helen Varola's essay 'Rabbit As If In a Hat' examines the origin of "pulling a rabbit out of a hat" and it cultural meaning today. She has used the written word like a picture to represent a film; she has made sculptures of punctuation marks to show how an icon functions. Her work reminds us of the true meaning of 'iconic', it takes a sign and reminds us of its power. With powerful, confident gestures, Judy Ledgerwood fills her gigantic canvases with rows of large forms, such as circles and loops, which initially recall such male-dominated styles as Abstract Realism or Pop art.

But Ledgerwood's formal vocabulary is also full of references to ornamental and crafts traditions and decorative color combinations. During his overnight stay in room number 4, between check-in and check-out, he wrote 17 poems, one for each room. This publication was made possible with the support from the National Fund for Culture and the Arts through the National ArtistsProgram Revised and expanded edition of a book originally published to accompany an exhibition at ArtBrussels It contains interviews with customers and participating shop owners.

Rickels, Giorgio Agamben and Jason Smith.

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The catalogue's image part comprises both installation shots from the Kunsthaus Graz and a photographic essay by Diana Thater with an index "These Are Their Names" and a visual material taken during the filming of gorillagorillagorilla in Cameroon. It looks simple enough. In Paul Winstanley s work the image is defined according to a frame of perception, where the image exists both to represent a scene witnessed, and to convey a position for the viewer within that. This much is given. Where the witness once was so now you stand in a reconstruction of the scene. This much you think you know.

Published on the occasion of The Drawing Center's exhibition, Rirkrit Tiravanija: Demonstration Drawings presents a selection of nearly works on paper from the artist's ongoing series of commissioned drawings derived from photographs of demonstrations published in the International Herald Tribune. While public protests and mass demonstrations are often associated with the politics of the s, Tiravanija's ongoing project reconsiders their relevance in today's political climate. The Demonstration Drawings provide a perspectival view of collective actions, political protests, and popular sovereignty movements worldwide turning ephemeral images of strife and social conflict into documents of political aspiration.

The book, number 79 in the Drawing Papers series, features a newly commissioned essay, Making the News New Again, by author and journalist David Rieff, as well as a text by the exhibition curator, Joao Ribas. Catalogue produced in conjunction with Kerry Tribe's Guna S. This is the second artist's book made by Fiona Banner and the first publication from the Vanity Press. Her first book, The Nam, was a sizable 2. All The World's Fighter Planes, , is very different. The book is also without text, except for the residual and fractured words around the images cut-out from newspapers: on page 74 a Lynx helicopter seems to have a rotary blade made from newsprint.

Born in Berlin in and now based in Los Angeles, Uta Barth is among the most influential artists working with photography to have emerged in the last decade. Her photographs take the complete opposite approach to the famous Dusseldorf school of photographers which include Thomas Struth and Andreas Gursky. While they record their subjects in sharply objective archival detail, Barth's images of interiors, buildings, suburban roads or natural environments are often out of focus, perversely cropped and apparently empty of any foreground subject.

Yet what emerges from this reduction and abstraction of subject matter is a body of photographs of extraordinary, haunting beauty, evocative of great moments in the history of painting, from Vermeer to Whistler, or of a cinematic ambience such as the fume-laden neon haze of Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver.


Michael Ondaatje

Around half were drawn by people who actually live in Southern California. These tend to trace commutes, diagram neighborhoods, and mark the locations of events and environments significant in the lives of their makers. These start to picture the idea of a Los Angeles that precedes it: palm trees and traffic, surfers and freeways, Baywatch, money and grids. The One State would surely hate it. In , Huxley published a book about a society in which the opportunities to distract yourself with small pleasures are endless.

This satire chronicles the career of fictitious U. Lewis understood the American soul better than most, and he makes a compelling case that fascist tendencies would make a horrifyingly good fit for our polity if presented with the right amount of good, old-fashioned patriotism. By creating a world in which women are enslaved and treated no better than animals, Burdekin drew a blueprint for dystopian literature, while never forgetting that misogyny would be an integral architect. Wizards roam the land as well — that is, people who have mastered a small selection of reality-warping formulae that now-extinct super-advanced civilizations had developed.

From a sculptural trial of 'Archetypal,' 2015-16

Soon enough, the scientist in question, Dr. Martine, ventures to the Inland Strip — a. It was a pleasure to read. You know a book has had lasting impact when its plot can be used to describe a type of situation. The book works with the idea that, no matter how much we may want peace, some among us crave power. Yet in a strange twist of events, from Survivor to Lost, that very basic message has somehow been turned into entertainment for the masses in the 21st century.

Prefiguring cyberpunk in the mids, Bester depicts a world ruled largely by giant multi-planet corporations run by decadent elites, hoarding their wealth away from the jaunting gangs. This makes him a hot commodity, and various forces attempt to snatch him on behalf of one or another megacorp or power player. Foyle eludes them all, in large part through his psychotic devotion to extracting violent revenge for being marooned. To Rand and the generations to follow that would study and embrace her work, dystopia meant an America — and world — where socialism and big government were the norm.

In one of his earliest works, Inter Ice Age 4 , originally serialized in a journal named Sekai, he embraced science-fictional imagery more directly, including melting polar ice caps, genetically engineered humans, and the destruction of entire nations due to flooding. It fits in neatly with his other studies of alienation, but also echoes modern concerns almost 60 years after its publication.

Apocalypses bring us face-to-face with the horror of time. Usually, they do this by reminding us of how little we have, but A Canticle for Leibowitz makes us confront the weight of endless years. Miller, who suffered from depression and PTSD, went into seclusion after writing this novel.

Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010 Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010
Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010 Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010
Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010 Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010
Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010 Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010
Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010 Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010
Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010 Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010
Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010 Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010
Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010 Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010
Future Perfect: Selected Works 2005 - 2010

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