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American English to Irish Accent Translator

We also recommend established anglicisations, codified in English pronunciations dictionaries, when they exist.

The sign of a "good" pronunciation in a programme is when it is unnoticeable and one ingredient of a broadcast. A mispronunciation or an unfamiliar "foreign" pronunciation of a place name that has an established anglicisation may distract listeners and viewers, or in the worst case scenario, make them unable to understand the content.

Irish Dialect Frequently Asked Questions

Geographical and historical factors, as well as the large number of bilingual and native Irish English also known as Hiberno-English speakers, have resulted in established anglicisations of native Irish words. So we recommend established anglicisations where they exist for the sake of consistency, even though many different realisations of these words can be heard in every day speech. Stressed syllables are in upper case and "uh" is the sound of "a" in ago.

For further details, please see the bottom of this blog. Taoiseach or An Taoiseach is the title for the head of government and the equivalent of prime minister.

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The established anglicisation for this word is TEE-shock -ee as in meet, -sh as in ship. The anglicised pronunciation TEE-shuhck is also widely heard. We recommend the established anglicisation ERR-uhk-tuhss -err as in merry for the Oireachtas, the national parliament. However, the Irish pronunciation and the Irish English pronunciation is closer to irr-OKH-tuhss -irr as in mirror, -o as in top, -kh as in Scottish loch.

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Listen on the official Oireachtas introduction video here. Listen on RTE. The BBC may edit your comments and not all e-mails will be published. Your comments may be published on any BBC media worldwide. Magazine Monitor. Caption Comp.


Appendix:Irish pronunciation - Wiktionary

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Interactive Phonetic chart for English Pronunciation

Paper Monitor. Quote of the Day. Random Stat. Web Monitor. If all one wants to know is the rough pronunciation of something for a tattoo, an engraving, a boat name, etc. Learn to introduce yourself in Ireland's native language.

'Haitch' or 'aitch'? How do you pronounce 'H'?

Sent directly to your email inbox. What you get for signing up:. I agree that phonetics can be a useful tool for the beginner when used in conjunction with aural methods as they are with Bitesize. The problems we run into are trying to explain how words are pronounced in the absence of audio aids, which is often the case on internet forums. One thing I would caution beginners against, however, is becoming TOO dependent on phonetics. Use the phonetic version as a rough guide, but then practice looking at the word as actually written while listening to it and repeating it.

The Pronunciation and Spelling of Modern Irish

I did find the Utube video that I got the word from. I think it is the first one in the series. I noticed that the different Utube and other sites especially the online language translation dictionaries do not identify which dialect is being used.

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The same problem would be faced if someone were to use an American English dictionary. So what do I do? There are lots of free resources out there…some good, some not so good. When you find something like this video, I recommend running it past the people at ILF www.

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I know that people at ILF have used free on-line resources, though…if you ask there, someone should be able to steer you toward something with good audio. Thank you for your help. You do develop an ear for it, but it takes time and lots of listening. Whoever posted this lovely version of Clannad singing An Mhaighdean Mhara on YouTube apparently transcribed the lyrics as he thought they sounded rather than with any idea of their meaning I think he may have actually used some kind of voice recognition software.

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English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary
English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary
English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary
English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary
English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary
English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary
English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary English To Irish Phonetic Dictionary

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