Business Owner’s Guide to SEO

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The Google algorithm

Locate these by searching your primary keywords, and make a note of which rank on the first few pages.

What Is Local SEO?

Action takeaway: Create or review your listing on all major directories. Find and remove any duplicates. These may or may not include complete NAP, or a link to your website. Unstructured citations are a significant opportunity to increase local brand awareness, while sending positive ranking signals to search engines. A few ideas for earning local mentions :.

Data aggregators compile business information from various online and offline sources.

What is Local SEO?

They feed this information to a significant number of local directories who use it populate their listings. Inaccuracies from data aggregators is a serious detriment to your NAP consistency, so take the time to submit and review your information with these four major providers. This step can ultimately save you the headache of manually updating hundreds of less significant directories. Here are a few best practices to get started with. Update-to-date NAP should be present on all pages.

Make sure this information is located within the text, not as an image, so the search engines can also see it. Page titles and meta descriptions tell search engines and users what your pages are about. Watch this video to learn how to optimize them properly. Each one must be unique. Take the necessary steps to optimize your website for mobile visitors.

Action Takeaway: Optimize your website for local visitors. Frequently monitor your traffic in Google Analytics. Following through on these steps will put your business in a great position to stay ahead of competitors. Andre is an SEO Strategist at Vertical Measures who brings a diverse breadth of digital marketing knowledge and experience. Local SEO consists of many different local citation components, but is absolutely vital to the success of any organization aiming to reach to a nearby audience. SEO experts determined Google was placing more emphasis on expertise, authority and trust in its ranking algorithm.

We're not immune to the lure of a shiny new website. To help avoid redesign nightmares, we created a checklist for migrating a new website with SEO in mind. What is Local SEO? A Google search for local products or services often returns three type of results see image below for location : Paid search results A list of businesses with a corresponding Google map Organic search results The list of businesses is often referred to as the Local Pack or 7-Pack. Users can even filter this result by customer rating, price and more.

Confused yet? There are three types of pages available to you: Storefront: For business who serve customers at a brick-and-mortar location. Service Area: For businesses without a storefront who serve customers at their location within a specific service area.

Think: plumbers or moving companies. Follow these steps to create or claim your Google My Business page. Get Free Download.

A Business Owner’s Guide to Understanding SEO Strategy

View Portfolio. Branding Feature. Ownership mentality. Dedicated Account Manager. Detailed Monthly Reporting. Custom Analytics Software. Free SEO Analysis. Free PPC Analysis. More Case Studies. Email Marketing Case Study.

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Free Social Media Analysis. Website Redesign Case Study. Need Help With Your Marketing? Back to Posts. August 19, Why does local SEO matter? Get it? Ok, we know what local SEO is, but who cares?

Small Business SEO: The Complete Get Started Guide

Why does local SEO matter to your business? To Rank in Google Maps, You Need Local SEO In the search results, there are usually two distinct sections dominating the top half of the search results page: paid ads and the local pack the map listings. People want what they want when they want it.

Local directory listings — Claim and verify all listings on local directories including Yelp, Superpages, Foursquare, Yellowpages, etc. Reviews — Reviews are key to local SEO. Leveraging on user experience is not negotiable in such cases. I will reveal to you one secret to high-ranking search engine results. A typical online search may take less than a minute. How well your website can create an impression during this short span is critical.

Focus on user-friendliness when developing your SEO strategy.

The ROI of Small Business SEO: The Proof is in the Numbers

You may need to have a careful evaluation of the features on your website and their effectiveness. Is your website aesthetically pleasing? This is among the questions you can use to conduct an assessment of your current search engine optimization prospects.

watch You may need to spend money and time to ensure that your website is customer-focused. Are you looking to achieve the fastest SEO results? Then you need to revisit your website. Ensure that aspects such as accessibility, social engagement, and usability are in check. Then watch as your SEO ranking improves over time. Time is of the essence.

Business Owner’s Guide to SEO Business Owner’s Guide to SEO
Business Owner’s Guide to SEO Business Owner’s Guide to SEO
Business Owner’s Guide to SEO Business Owner’s Guide to SEO
Business Owner’s Guide to SEO Business Owner’s Guide to SEO
Business Owner’s Guide to SEO Business Owner’s Guide to SEO
Business Owner’s Guide to SEO Business Owner’s Guide to SEO

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