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Even outside of the USA, the NIJ test standards are widely used by police and military forces to evaluate and procure body armor for public service officers. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have adopted similar parallel certification programs. In addition to testing, NTS actively participates in standard committees and working groups, providing valuable testing expertise and experience. A variety of projectiles is used at NTS ranges, from small fragments all the way to large anti-vehicle rounds.

Non-standard rounds, non-lethal, rocks, shrapnel, etc. All rounds are hand-loaded to ensure accuracy, unless factory rounds are specifically requested. Some examples of projectiles used at the ranges include:. NTS employs the most up-to-date and advanced equipment and instrumentation available. Some of the equipment used in NTS testing includes:. There are some applications where bullets and fragments may only part of the protection required.


One notable example is in the design and validation of building envelopes and system components, such as windows, doors, escape hatches and wall panels. Forced entry tests attempt to pierce or distort an edge in order to allow access. NTS carries out all forced entry tests in their DOS approved facility in accordance with the required standards.

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The selection of tools used to accomplish forced entry testing ranges from lock picks and hammers, to sledge hammers, pry bars, axes and battering rams. Not all armor is designed with the intent to protect against a human adversary or enemy combatant. There are many other scenarios where seemingly benign objects travelling at high-velocities can be a threat to safety.

Ballistic testing is still one of the best ways to characterize and evaluate these systems. This includes the materials and structures that may protect against flying objects during a hurricane or tornado, or passengers seated behind windshields in an automobile or high-speed train.

Both of these standards mainly focus on the protective glass and laminate materials that make up the windows of vehicles and train cars. This involves a wide range of test scenarios, including impact testing using small fragments and projectiles such as a.

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This facility provides the opportunity for ordinance and munitions-related analysis, specifically armor and explosive testing. Defense contractors rely on NTS for safe, cost-efficient facilities to meet their needs for advanced explosive testing. NTS has served the U.

Extensive evaluations and testing are conducted in all areas of services. The NTS Camden location is one of the most complete weapons and ordinance testing centers in the country. Simulation, data acquisition and analysis tools provide the necessary tools to streamline the MIL-STD testing process. NTS Wichita and Chesapeake locations provide body armor and small arms-testing facilities.

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The cases were linked through DNA and ballistics evidence. A ballistics man from Ranger crime-lab followed him to the stand and testified that it had been fired from Longfellow's Colt. May I congratulate you, Mr. Morrison, on this interesting achievement in ballistics?

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Forensic, having to do with the law; ballistics , the science of projectiles. What experience have you had in, say, the field of ballistics?

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Finally, the ballistics expert was brought back to the stand again, to link the two by means of fragments found in the car. Words nearby ballistics ballistic galvanometer , ballistic missile , ballistic pendulum , ballistic trajectory , ballistic wind , ballistics , ballistite , ballistocardiogram , ballistocardiograph , ballistospore , ballium.

Origin of ballistics First recorded in —55; see origin at ballistic , -ics.

Ballistics Ballistics
Ballistics Ballistics
Ballistics Ballistics
Ballistics Ballistics
Ballistics Ballistics

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