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Klobuchar: ‘Women Are Held to a Higher Standard’

And over time, these risks are getting increasingly severe. Undoubtedly, clinicians and hospitals can do more to ensure the safety of women giving birth. For example, they can issue health guidelines and run simulations to better prepare to handle emergencies. Policymakers can do more, too, including tracking maternal mortality so that failures like delays in lifesaving care can be identified and fixed. In some cases, moms can do more to take care of themselves, including by eating well and exercising to stay healthy. The challenge, of course, is that most new moms are exhausted because motherhood is exhausting.

And in general, society expects moms to put themselves last in order to put their families first. So, I would say a major responsibility to address the well-being of mothers actually lies with the rest of us. If rising maternal mortality is fundamentally a failure of social support, we all need to step up: birth partners, grandparents, friends, neighbors, professional colleagues — all of us. All people are vulnerable during the period surrounding the birth of their child.

But in the United States, we forget to advocate for ourselves and for each other. We need to listen to moms. And we need to support them. After distilling all the data, and reading all the headlines, I believe saving their lives is as simple as that. I am hoping I misunderstood your intentions. Just using common sense, eating poorly and excess responsibility and all the struggles that come post-natal, can not be related to maternal mortality. Maternal mortality is reported relative to ethnic groups. What is the status of Asian moms and compared to other groups?

It feels pretty helpless to stand by and wait for an increase in maternal and infant mortality and morbidity to see an unwise practice change…all in the name of overcrowded hospitals. There is nothing like that in the US except for the very wealthy. Totally agree!

I live in Germany and the system here, while not perfect, gives women 6 weeks paid leave before the due date and 8 weeks postnatal. This makes a huge difference! In my particular religion, community, life situation I am around and meet fellow married women in this age group that have lots of babies way more than the average person. I do wish we had the same extra luxeries other countries have but with my 3 pregnancies, I felt take care of.

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I am happy for you and your fortunate friends. I also belong to a well-off, well-educated group of people. In the last TWO years I have personally known one woman who had hypertensive crisis and seizures two days after discharge, one woman who had uterine hemorrhage a week after delivery, and one woman who had deep venous thrombosis and thankfully non-fatal pulmonary embolus.

There were two with serious post partum depression, one of whom needed hospitalization.

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As the mother of three, I agree that women lack postpartum support from society and the medical community, and in a big way. However, I wonder how preconception health affects the risk of post-delivery death. More than ever, women are entering pregnancy overweight and obese, and developing complications because of their weight.

Any Woman Can

In addition, many women are clinically depressed prior to pregnancy, which exacerbates the risk of postpartum depression. States with Customary Informed.

In Utah, the counseling is waived if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest or the patient is younger than In Alabama, the counseling requirement is waived in cases of ectopic pregnancy or severe fetal impairment and in Georgia and Rhode Island it is waived in cases of medical emergency. In Utah, a physician may waive the requirement if the abortion is because of rape, incest, life endangerment, a severe health problem or if the fetus has a lethal condition. In Utah, a woman may obtain abortion counseling in person at any medical office in the state.

Future Fertility. Breast Cancer. Mental Health.

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Accurately Portrays Risk. Inaccurately Portrays Risk. Correctly Reports No Link. Correctly Reports Range of Emotional Responses. Describes Negative Emotional Responses.

Informed Consent Requirements 30 states. Skip to main content. Nearly all the states that require counseling require information about the abortion procedure and fetal development.


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Printer-friendly version For more information Public Policy Office Monthly State Policy Updates Get an overview of state legislative and policy activity in all topics of sexual and reproductive health. Learn More. Get updates on policy issues and more E-mail Address. Donate Now.

Any Woman Can Any Woman Can
Any Woman Can Any Woman Can
Any Woman Can Any Woman Can
Any Woman Can Any Woman Can
Any Woman Can Any Woman Can
Any Woman Can Any Woman Can
Any Woman Can Any Woman Can
Any Woman Can Any Woman Can
Any Woman Can

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